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Work schedule during holidays in June 2024
13.06.2024 Work schedule during holidays in June 2024

May the holidays bring joy and great cheer! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Pinalex Tab. Re-discover the world
19.06.2024 Pinalex Tab. Re-discover the world

Pinalex Tab is intended for promoting recovery processes in the eye tissues with increased fatigue, diseases accompanied by decreased visual acuity, as well as in rehabilitation after retinal burn, including UV radiation, mechanical retinal and corneal injuries

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Special price «Revilab SL 07»
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Revilab peptide preparations
Product description:

Promotion! Special for Europe!

Only from 1 to 30 June «Revilab SL 07» on special price!

Revilab SL 07 — for the hematopoiesis system. It contains peptides of the B-link of the immune system, bone marrow, and vascular wall.

«Revilab SL 07» — 2 packings
Promotional price 40 euros*
Regular price is 52 euros*.
Your discount will be 12 euros.

The number of products for the promotion is limited!
*The price is valid only if you buy products in Europe.

Сardiovascular system / Hematopoietic system / Oncologic diseases
Contain peptides
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10 ml
Expiry date
Products description

The first series of multicomponent peptide preparations for sublingual application, developed to prevent violations of various systems and organs functioning, correction of already existing diseases. Efficiency of similar form of reception is caused by the fact that preparation, getting to hypoglossal space with dense capillary network, is capable to get directly into the blood-groove, passing absorption through digestive tract mucous and metabolic primary liver deactivation. Due to direct hit in system blood-groove, the speed of effect is several times faster than medicine intake peroraly.

Components of preparations — peptides and phytogenesis extracts. They are perfectly combined in Revilab SL preparation series and selectively influence the prime cause of diseases, and also effectively prevent organism presenilation.

Revilab SL 07 — contains peptides of immune system B-link, marrow, vascular wall.

Recommended for:
  • anemias of various genesis, 
  • violations of hematopoietic system activity,
  • complex treatment of oncological patients, 
  • varicosity, 
  • arterial hypertension, 
  • trophic ulcers, 
  • thrombophlebitis, 
  • atherosclerosis of vessels, 
  • angiopathies,
  • increase in immunity, 
  • pyoinflammatory diseases and postsurgery complications, trophic violations.


water; chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) flower extract, 5:1; xylitol, sweetener; polysorbate 80, emulsifier; potassium sorbate, preservative; sodium benzoate, preservative; orange (Citrus sinensis) peel essential oil; licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract, 10:1; propolis dry extract, 4:1; peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaf extract, 5:1; dihydroquercetin from Dahurian larch (Larix gmelinii) wood; saccharin sodium, sweetener; folic acid (calcium-L-methylfolate); peptide complex AA-7 containing amino acids (L-lysine, L-glutamic acid and L-aspartic acid); peptide complex AA-3 containing amino acids (L-glutamic acid, L-aspartic acid, L-proline); propylene glycol, carrier; natural menthol flavoring; clove (Syzygium aromaticum) essential oil from leaves, buds, flowers; limonene, flavoring; eugenol, flavoring; peptide complex AA-4 containing amino acids (L-serine, L-alanine, L-glutamic acid, L-glutamic acid, L-lysine, L-glutamic acid and L-alanine); sodium hydroxide, acidity regulator; Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).

Additional source of amino acids and folic acid.

Recommendations for use:

for adults 5-10 drops under the tongue 2 times a day. Duration of use 1 month. It is permissible to use repeatedly in the form of courses. Natural sediments are allowed. Shake before use.

Purpose Сardiovascular system / Hematopoietic system / Oncologic diseases
Contain peptides Yes Other products
Our offers Sales and discounts
Brand Revilab peptide preparations
Bulk 10 ml
Expiry date 01.01.2025
Barcode 4627099310825
Article 3001263
In stockIn stock
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