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Public holidays in May 2024!
23.04.2024 Public holidays in May 2024!

Please be informed that our online-store will be working on the following schedule due to national public holidays in May

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«Complex 3D»: feel great at any age!
06.05.2024 «Complex 3D»: feel great at any age!

Boost your body's natural defense with Complex 3D's potent blend of detoxicants and antioxidants for ultimate protection against oxidative stress.

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Revilab brochure. Electronic version in English
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Product description:

We present to your attention the online version of the Revilab brochure in English

Download Revilab brochure in English
Products description

The Revilab brand includes the most perfect and progressive anti-age products. A feature of Revilab cosmetics and peptide preparations is an integrated approach to the prevention of age-related changes in the human body.

The Revilab series is focused on the systemic solution of anti-aging problems: revitalization, internal complex effect on various systems of the body, as well as external influence: improvement of tone, restoration of youth and the reparative potential of the skin.

In the brochure you will find information about the main lines of the Revilab brand:

  • evolution — a series of anti-age cosmetics based on professional substances;
  • pro — basic anti-age preparations of the new generation;
  • peptide — a line of multicomponent preparations based on peptides and parapharmaceuticals.
Download Revilab brochure in English
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