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Public holidays in May 2024!
23.04.2024 Public holidays in May 2024!

Please be informed that our online-store will be working on the following schedule due to national public holidays in May

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«Complex 3D»: feel great at any age!
06.05.2024 «Complex 3D»: feel great at any age!

Boost your body's natural defense with Complex 3D's potent blend of detoxicants and antioxidants for ultimate protection against oxidative stress.

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Brochure «Peptide bioregulators»
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Product description:

In the updated brochure, you will find detailed information about all peptide bioregulators of the "Cytomax" and "Cytogen" classes in lingual and encapsulated forms, which are available in the Peptides product range.

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Products description

This brochure includes descriptions of the products’ active ingredients. It also explains the purpose and target area of each drug. In addition, you will find use recommendations for all peptide bioregulators.

The brochure "Peptide Bioregulators" is a convenient tool for successful cooperation with Peptides in promoting healthy lifestyle ideas, and preserving youth and beauty.

Download brochure in English
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