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Public holidays in May 2024!
23.04.2024 Public holidays in May 2024!

Please be informed that our online-store will be working on the following schedule due to national public holidays in May

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«Indosine» – a complex preparation for oncoprophylaxis
20.05.2024 «Indosine» – a complex preparation for oncoprophylaxis

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Glass bottle for water
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Product description:
Glass water bottle with silicone cover and screwing-up lid
Products description
Glass is the best material for storing water, since it is inert and does not enter into any chemical reactions with it. In addition, glass is considered an environmentally friendly material, and our company adheres to the principles of eco-friendly. Thanks to the silicone case, the bottle is comfortable to hold in your hands. A screw cap made of bamboo helps prevent fluid leakage.

A bottle of water from the Peptides Collection line will be a wonderful gift for both yourself and your close ones and business partners.

We recommend that you thoroughly wash the product with warm water before first use without the use of abrasive detergents. Store in a dry place with the lid open.

Material: bottle — glass, case — silicone, cover — bamboo
Volume — 550 ml
Shipping Weight — 0.36 kg
Barcode 4627099311549
Article 7090310
In stockIn stock
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