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Work schedule during holidays in June 2024
13.06.2024 Work schedule during holidays in June 2024

May the holidays bring joy and great cheer! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Pinalex Tab. Re-discover the world
19.06.2024 Pinalex Tab. Re-discover the world

Pinalex Tab is intended for promoting recovery processes in the eye tissues with increased fatigue, diseases accompanied by decreased visual acuity, as well as in rehabilitation after retinal burn, including UV radiation, mechanical retinal and corneal injuries

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Thermo mug (small)
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Product description:
Corporate turquoise thermo mug is light, small in size, with a company logo
180 ml
Products description

The rhythm of modern life dictates its own conditions, and we must be as mobile as possible. In the cycle of everyday affairs, a thermo mug can greatly help us out. For example, to enjoy your favorite strong coffee in the morning.

The peptide thermomug is made of stainless steel and has a transparent plastic non-spill lid. The mug is pleasant to hold in your hands; it fits in the cup holder of any machine. It will keep the drink warm, but will not burn your fingers. A small volume, 180 ml, has its advantages.

Material: mug — stainless steel, cover — polyethylene terephthalate
Volume — 180 ml
Shipping Weight — 0.144 kg
Bulk 180 ml
Barcode 4627099311563
Article 7090360
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